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Getting a Rent to Own Home or Apartment

While the home buying process can be intimidating for some buyers, there's no need to let the unfamiliar jargon overwhelm you. Phrases such as "rent to own" and "getting the deed" may not pop up in everyday conversation, but the process of each one is actually quite simple. As explained by a realtor, "a rent to own agreement allows a buyer to take control of a home before purchasing and also provides the option to purchase the property at the end of the contract period." Here at, you will find a vast selection of these types of properties.

To learn more about the term "getting the deed," I spoke with a broker in Memphis who specializes in owner financing. He said, "getting the deed in an owner financed home involves transferring the deed of ownership from the seller to the buyer, along with the current mortgage payments."

Once you’ve found a rent to home, the question is – do you go with the lease option or do you "get the deed?” There are two scenarios where the best option is to get the deed: the seller has poor credit or the buyer has poor credit. In the first case, taking on the deed and the mortgage protects the buyer by giving them control of the property and the related financials. If the buyer has bad credit (but the income to afford the home), getting the deed allows you to bypass the loan approval process and get instant financing. However, lease options are the more common route when the seller wants to have a rental period where they maintain control of their property and mortgage.

Maintenance On Your Apartment or Home

It is becoming more and more common for long-term renters to explore the possibility of home ownership through the rent to buy process. There are more rent to own homes in Phoenix and other metropolitan areas than ever before. You will find thousands of rent to own listings at While having many choices is a great thing, there are many considerations that have to be taken into account as renters consider home ownership.

For example, a friend of mine was recently looking to upgrade from an apartment to rent to buy homes in Columbus. However, he soon realized that there is much more maintenance to renting a home. While things such as lawn care, landscaping and appliance maintenance are usually handled by the landlord, these responsibilities can fall directly on the renter in a rent to own situation (especially when the deed has been transferred to the buyer).

This may seem overwhelming, but the advantage is that you now have a yard to enjoy and you will have the pride of ownership that goes along with your home improvement successes. In addition, money invested in the property will usually pay off in the future. However, keep in mind that rent to own houses in Jacksonville and other warm weather areas may also have ‘not so glamorous’ needs such as air conditioning maintenance. It is often a good idea to consider a home warranty when entering into a rent to own agreement. This "insurance policy for the home” will usually cover routine repairs on your major and minor appliances. A home warranty requires a small monthly premium, but it just may be the best investment you will make in your property.

How Do I Negotiate a Lease-Option House?

When you are ready to make an offer on a home, it is important to not make one of the biggest mistakes common with potential renters. You have researched the price points in the area and you know the market, so now it’s time to negotiate. Many people will simply accept the seller’s terms "as is,” rather than negotiating rates, fees or even the purchase price. However, many sellers are flexible and will work with you to come to an agreeable settlement. Start by offering a final sale price just below the average cost of comparable homes in that area. If you are looking at a Detroit rent to own house, the lagging real estate market can work to your advantage when negotiating. Always keep in mind that a rent to own contract can be revised in the same manner as a conventional real estate purchase agreement. offers a free rent to own guide that can help you in this and many other areas.

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